Activity Types

If you are looking for activity pages to print out for your kids then browse through our collection. Click on the specific activity type you want below to view all our activities and puzzles for that type.

Color by Numbers pages

Break out the crayons (or paint or sharpies) and get colorful with some great color by numbers activity sheets. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained for hours.

Crossword Puzzle pages

Our crossword puzzles will get your brain ticking over. They are great puzzles for increasing vocabulary and improving spelling.

Cryptogram pages

Solve the encrypted text to find out the message. With our cryptogram activities the kids can act like spies while working on their literacy, numeracy and puzzle solving ability.

Dot-to-dot pages

Dot to dot drawings are a fun and easy way for the little ones to draw awesome pictures. And once they are done with the drawing they can start the coloring.

Maze pages

Find your way through the maze to get to the prize at the end. Print out some maze activity sheets and watch the time fly as you solve these puzzles.

Sudoku pages

This Japanese numbers game is addictive but fun. Kids and adults alike find it extremely satisfying to solve these puzzles and we cater for all levels.

Word Scramble pages

Unscramble the letters to make the words, it's that simple. Word scrambles are an entertaining way to work on spelling and word skills.

Word Search pages

How fast can you find the words? Hidden amongst all those letters are a list of words, find them all to finish the puzzle.